Power Washer Nozzle Organizer

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My power washer nozzles were always getting lost, because I have more than will fit in the on-deck storage. This extremely simple fix may have saved my sanity.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

One 12.5 x 12.5 foam floor puzzle piece


Box Cutter

Medicine bottle top


Zip Ties

Step 2: Layout, Design, Complete

Gather your nozzles, note the colors, and decide on the layout you want for your organizer.

Use the medicine bottle top as a template for circles, then outline those circles in with the color of Sharpie that matches the nozzle you want to store.

Make any notes you wish to include. For instance, I don't use my power washer enough to have the color-to-strength memorized, so I added those degrees. I also added a reminder to use the white nozzle for car washing, so I don't damage the finish.

Trim off any extra bits of foam that you don't need (I left enough space on the bottom of my organizer to add three more holes later on, if needed.

Make a cross cut in the center of each hole, so that when you press the nozzle through it, the foam holds it securely.

Make a hole in each of the top tabs for the zip ties to go through.

Hang from the handle of your power washer.



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