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Introduction: Power Brick Organizer

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I generally use my laptop at the table in my RV. There isn't a lot of space in the RV so having a power brick and cord lying around is a real annoyance. This is a simple little hack to get your power bricks and cords out of the way. You could just as easily do this hack on the back or underside of a desk.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  1. scissors
  2. drill with small bit
  3. screwdriver (not shown)
  4. lighter


  1. small strap with adjustable connector
  2. screws
  3. washers

Step 2: Determine the Short End

The belt buckle type straps have an end attached to the center of the buckle and an end that is fed through the buckle. The tan strap in the picture is the end attached to the center of the buckle. Using this end of the strap, determine the smallest thing you want to wrap around. Cut the strap even shorter than that so the other end of the strap has room to be pulled tight. Seal the frayed end of your strap with a lighter.

If you have a long strap attached to a buckle; instead of cutting the strap, Use the length you determined as the point to attach to your surface.

I had two short pieces from other projects, Hopefully you will have one strap resembling a belt that you can use.

Step 3: Determine Maximum Strap Length

Place the screws and washers at the location you determined your strap will connect to the surface. If you have two different straps connect them together at this point with the screws.

Feed your strap through the buckle and wrap the strap around the largest item you will place in it. Cut the loose end of your strap about an inch past the buckle.

Seal the cut end with a lighter.

Step 4: Attach to Surface

Drill two pilot holes for the screws.

Screw the strap into place.

Note: The reason you are using 2 screws and washers is so that the straps can not twist directions.

Step 5: Add Hooks for the Cord

Drill a pilot hole and screw in the hook(s) at strategic locations.

Step 6: Horray!

Strap up your brick and hang the cord. You're all done and the stuff is out of your way!



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