Power Generating Shoe for Charging Mobile Phones and Torch Lights

This shoe works on dynamo basis and during the walk or running the dynamo produces power which is stored in the battery. During at rest the chords can be attached and the mobiles phones get charged.It is user friendly and economical.

Step 1: Take the Shoe and Remove the Heels Alone Seperately.

Take the shoe and remove the heels.In this way it will be easy to make the arrangements in the heels portion to fit all the other components

Step 2: Shaft Arrangements.

Arrange the shafts in the rectangular form as shown in the figure.This will act as the working portion and it reciprocates while we walk.

Step 3: Add Gear to He Shaft

Add the gear which suits the shaft and also to the hole that we have made in the shoe's heels.

Step 4: Joining the Shoe and Shaft With Springs.

Join the shaft with the shoe, pair of springs are attached so that the shaft reciprocates during walk.

Step 5: Making the Connections

connect the dynamo,battery,and the usb slot together with the wire connections as shown

Step 6: Charging the Mobile Phones Using Power Chords

while the shoe is at rest join the power chords and we can recharge the mobile.



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I want circuit diagram for this

    hari sundar pyda

    3 years ago

    nice but it is not useful if the surroundings are wet

    Martin Arunnathhygy

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    There will be voltage fluctuations,so if we directly use that power it may damage the electronics.To prevent it we must use battery.