PowerBank 2Usb 2.200mAh 26watt

Introduction: PowerBank 2Usb 2.200mAh 26watt

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PowerBank 2USB 2.200 mAh 26 watt,using in all nomad situations......

Step 1: Materials

3 battery from laptop pack,switch,wire,jack,pvc tube,double adapter usb(type cigar car)....

Step 2: Preparing Components......

I soldering two wires on positive and negative in to USB adapter(easy to identification)...and i closed again

the enclosure...

Step 3: Put All Component Inside the PVC Tube

A switch cut the electricity from battery and i join a jack to permit the charge with solar panel or simply acdc


Have 2 USB port(every one have 1000 mAh)

Tank's to watch my instructable



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    3 years ago

    Anyway dont bother,i saw it,.you just put a jack port for charging via acdc.,


    3 years ago

    How do you charge it?,because i dont see any circuitry to charge those 18650 batteries.,a clear explanation wouldbe nice!..,nice project though!

    ‚ÄčOk , I did not realize that you had put them in series, that is ok. :-). How long does it charge a larger device like an iPad mini? I have a huge stockpile of the 18650 batteries and I use them for EVERYTHING but I use a power supply to charge them at 4.15 volts and limit the current depending on the battery size. But I have had a lithium ion explode and I have had several lithium polymer cells bulge and almost explode, but that's because I was charging a single cell at 6 volts! Nice instructable!

    1 reply

    i don't know the technical data to battery of iPad mini,but this power bank,sure,can help the battery autonomy of this tablet.....

    About battery,you must have all technical data...like voltage,type,voltage charge...

    if you don't have a adequate circuit to charge this type of battery and control the process,use a simply method: use voltage charger indicate from constructor for a time adequate at the capacity of battery in relation with your source of energy...

    par example: li-ion max voltage charge 4.5 and two hours max(time charge) for a battery with

    a capacity of 2000 mAh when using a sector charger with a capacity of 1000 mAh..... not exceed voltage or time .....it's a manually usage....or maybe the battery make booom......

    on google many site have different tables "how to" about all types of battery usage,charge.......

    thank's to participate on my instructable ........

    I am not a hater or anything but this is dangerous, you NEED the charge controller!!! Or you will have fire after some charges

    1 reply

    for charge a single battery 3.7 volt li-ions you need constant and regular tension.

    to charge 3.7 volt you must have max 4.5 volt and half ampere capacity of battery.

    par example,if you have a charger 4.5 volt on 1000 mAh...not problem....

    in my power-bank (three battery connected serial mode) the total voltage is 11.1 volt on 2200 mAh and the charger(sector 220 volt) give 12.0 volt on 1000 mAh....(2 hours and some minute for the charge)....without problem of surcharge....

    i am down of the level of security for the parameter of charge.....

    my charger is like used for mobiles phone(work in absorption) and don't give current if is not necessary......(battery full charged).....

    every day i use this power bank....it's 2 mounts .....!!

    were is the protection circuit and the charge circuit needed for the li-ions