PowerBank Lifepo4 Batteries

Introduction: PowerBank Lifepo4 Batteries

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It is my first post. I had some lifepo4 batteries from my old electric bicycle, so I decided to make a powerbank from them. For my project I used 56 3.3v 3A 26650 lifepo4 batteries. Every battery has 10w capacity, and the powerbank will have 560w in total. It is a big amount of energy to run electronic equipment in nature or use as a back up powerbank. I live on the boat, so it's nice to have some back up battery on board.

What we will need for this project:

  • Plywood 7mm for box case (can be different thickness, but later dimension will be different)
  • Lifepo4 3.2v 3000mah 26650 56 batteries
  • 12V car sockets
  • some cables
  • screws
  • wood glue
  • Battery protection board 4S 7A 12.8V lifepo4 BMS PCM
  • Blade Fuse holder
  • Fuse 10A
  • 2x binding posts
  • Rope for handle

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Step 1: Making a Box for Powerbank

You need cut 7 rectangles from 7mm plywood: 319x212mm, 335x89mm x 2, 212x86mm x 2, 212x79mm, 335x228mm.

After glue them together and twist with screw.

Step 2: Electric Circuit

We need to solder 4 battery cells. In every cell there should be 14 batteries.

Step 3: Almost Done!

Make holes for 12v car socket and for the binding posts. Connect everything together / and you will have the power bank. I use 4A car charger to recharge the batteries. It would be nice to have bigger BMS, but i used what i had at home. Now i am working on Monitoring battery status with esp8266 , but i will post this project later. I use this battery for my mobile portable refrigerator, and it can hold cool food for 3 days.

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    2 months ago

    Very nice! I'm about to embark on a similar project. I have 40 26650's that I want to build into a battery. I see you soldered directly to the cells, but I'd read that damages them. Have you noticed any negative effect in direct soldering? It would save me a ton of grief if I didn't need to work around the soldering issue. Thanks


    1 year ago

    Thats pretty damn good . I wondered where and how you got the cells to play with.
    On the BMS ebay and ali-express carry pretty good ones for $20 AUD . Cant see the details of the one you have but it looks like a Li-Ion type . Hope not .
    I'm getting a 404 page not found on your fridge link
    Oh and I suggest moving the fuse to the negative line . That way the surge you are protecting against does not pass through whatever is connected first. Electrons come out the negative . nothing comes out the positive terminal even though it completes the circuit.

    Go join this site and learn a bit more.

    I did an instrutable too on here