Powerbank DIY 12000-16000 MAh 2.1 Amp 3D-printed With LED-flashlight




Introduction: Powerbank DIY 12000-16000 MAh 2.1 Amp 3D-printed With LED-flashlight

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Hi everybody! Im sick and tired of all these small and ugly powerbanks that doesn´t have capacity enough to even charge your cellphone once. So this is how you make your own that you can customize with diffrent lids with a capacity up to 16000 mAh. There is an assambley-video step-by-step on the youtubechannel.

Solderiron - https://goo.gl/SE2Kiz

Solder helpinghand - https://goo.gl/nwfH0x

Cutting Plier - https://goo.gl/HxB7kO

3D-printers - https://goo.gl/OHhp14

Bill of materials:
USB-PCBCARD - (2$) https://goo.gl/L0R7sK

Batteryholder - (2,5$) https://goo.gl/Z8Y3ob

Batteries 4000 mAh - (13$) https://goo.gl/aR71OZ

Step 1: Download and 3D-print the Parts.

You will need a bottom, a lid and a powerbutton, you can find everything at thingiverse:

I printed it at 20% honeycomb-infill PLA.

Step 2: Assamble

First insert your powerbutton.

Step 3: Solder

Solder your batteryholder to the USB-PCB, red to bta+ and black to bta-. MAKE SURE TO WIRE IT IN PARALELL! like in the picture, else you will burn the PCB due to high voltage!

Step 4: Assamble

Assamble the PCB and batteryholder,insert batteries, try if it work before you glue everything in place!

Step 5: Tight Screws

Tight the screws and enjoy. The outputs and inputs schematics is:
[ 1amp ] [ Input ] [ 2.1 amp]

You may also use it as a LED-flashlight two fast clicks on the powerbutton and the LED lights up.

There is links for all the part on the youtube-page and on the thingiverse-page-

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    23 Discussions

    Nice 3D printed case, although you used the fake UltraFire batteries that are only 650mAh. you can see the fakes by the "Sheef-life around 10 years" Measure your actual capacity and you will see.

    1 reply

    I know, those were only for visualise how to do, i have other better ones. Best regards

    Does this have simultaneous charging? I would like to have a Raspberry Pi [draws 1.5A] to the USB-out and allow charge the power bank overnight but let the RPi run continuously. Good work! Case looks great!

    1 reply

    I'm guessing to recharge it you need to open it up and replace the batteries inside is that correct?

    4 replies

    you dont have to take it appart to charge it, use the micro usb-connector. I dont have it right now, im on vaccation, but its something like 8x 14 cm

    Last things: does it need to be ventilated and do the batteries need to be rechargeable

    what is the sizes of each part


    1 year ago

    Nice design, but you cant get more than 14000mAh on 4 batteries (LG 18650 3.5Ah), everything else is fine except you could maybe add where you bought your converter

    1 reply

    thank you, i put the links at the first step now :)

    you can find a cheap one here for example https://goo.gl/SE2Kiz :)

    thank you!

    thank you! :) glad to get some feedback, cant wait to my next instructable :)

    I like your 3D lid designs. Good job buddy!! :)