Powered Aeroplane Mobile

Introduction: Powered Aeroplane Mobile

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This is a small electric-powered aeroplane that flies in a circle when suspended from the ceiling.

You will need:

Foam to cut the aeroplane parts out of
An electric motor
A small battery or power source
some copper wire
Thin string or Fishing line
A propeller

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Step 1: Cut the Aeroplane Parts Out

The title says it all, draw or trace the fuselage, wings and tail of the aeroplane you want to make. Then cut the 3 pieces out and cut slits out for the tail and wings. I also made a small propeller cone but it isn't necessary.

Step 2: Make Space for the Electric Bits

Cut holes out for the motor and battery. Slide the tailplane into the slit you made earlier and tape into place if needed.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Tape the battery in place and tape a piece of conductive wire from the back end of the battery. Tape the motor in place and make sure the correct pole of the battery makes contact with the corresponding pole on the motor. Attatch the wire from the back of the battery to the other pole on the motor.Ensure that it can be easily slid off the pole to stop the motor.

Tape the wing into the slot underneath.

Now, attatch that string or fishing line from a hook on your ceiling or something else to tie it to. Then connect the hanging end to the aeroplane. Make sure the aeroplane is secured to the string so it wont slip off and also make sure that the string is attatched to it at the Centre of Gravity. You can find this point by balancing the plane on 2 fingers.

Switch it on, give the string a light twirl from the top so that the craft begins to move in a circle realistically, let go of the string and watch it fly in a circle for a long tome. Try not to hypnotize yourself while doing this. I apologise for the bad quality pictures, my phone can't focus on moving objects.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Actually with a little 30 mah one, you might actually be able to fly it for a brief period of time


    5 years ago

    Like the p 40 rendition! Thought about a 1S Li-Po battery? Seen them for as little as $3.