Powerful Slingshot Crossbow





Introduction: Powerful Slingshot Crossbow

This video shows how to make a powerful slingshot crossbow at home, with common tools and material.

WARNING: This has serious power, can be up to 5 times stronger than a power air gun.



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    OMG i cant believe you are on instructables!!! i have watched almost all your you tube vids and am planning on making a version of your sling bow out of pvc soon. apart from your car crushing cannon is your elefant rifle your most powerful weapon in terms of drawweight?


    4 years ago

    I have a video on YouTube call (penny for slingshot) u might like it and it should be good for your slingshots

    In the process of making one now. Sort of a hybrid of 2 of Joerg's designs. This one and  http://youtu.be/fLPjIhqI9Ww    The only problem I had was a suitable trigger, and this one is much simpler than the other design. Since I'm a dweeb that way easier is the watchword.

    I am very impressed. Also, I love your voice XD Especially when you said "..Let me show you how to load it :3~" XD But um, yes, very impressive my friend. Lately I've been looking for a carriable scorpion or ballista but to no avail..but this is just..amazing. Its like a rifle but as a huge slingshot.

    Yes truly a masterpiece invention for those like to shoot a Rifle or a Slingshot. There is also some dude make a more compact version and little bit of improve look but I don't know the power the same here's the video...


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