Powerful Disinfectant


Introduction: Powerful Disinfectant

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This is a quick and easy instructable everyone can do to make a powerful and cheap disinfectant which is safer to use than other commercial products.

Step 1: Materials

2 Spray nozzles/spray bottles
White vinegar
Hydrogen Peroxide

Step 2: Preparation

Pour the vinegar in a clear container with a spray nozzle and do the same with the Hydrogen Peroxide. As shown in the photo, the bottle the hydrogen peroxide I have had the correct spout size and threading for the spray nozzle so I was able to save on buying a bottle. Which is actually recommended as Hydrogen Peroxide should be kept in a dark container and this way it's also nicely labeled.

Step 3: Usage

Spray the surface to be disinfected with either one of the bottles (which one first doesn't matter) then immediately spray with the other ingredient. Let the two liquids sit for a couple minutes before wiping with a damp cloth. The result is clean and germ free!

Step 4: How It Works

Vinegar is widely used as a cleaner and degreaser on it's own, when mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide the result is Peracetic Acid. Peracetic Acid is an irritant and can be corrosive so DO NOT mix both liquids in one bottle. The acid is powerful enough to breakdown the proteins in many viruses/bacteria which may cause illness.

Step 5: Other Comments

As with using any cleaning product, please wear gloves and rinse out your cloth well after use.
Do not use this method on wood surfaces and other delicate materials. The acid may damage the finish
Do not mix the liquids in a single container!
Always exercise caution around pets and children. Keep the bottles inaccessible and always tightly sealed/the spout on the "off" position when not in use.



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    5 Discussions

    Here is a image.

    Garlic and bleach.jpg

    You know garlic well I am mixing it with sodium dichloroisocyanurate solution 1% with 50 g garlic to make a allicin or sulfenic acid and the other chemical. Boiling it with a magnetic stir bar and boiling chips may kill airborn pathogens.

    I have made this before, but I am wondering how effective is compared to 10.83% bleach or 15% copper sulfate pentahydrate solution?

    1 reply

    I really can't say as to which method is the most effective but I do tend to like using this method rather than strong bleach. The smell isn't nearly as strong and since the two chemicals are separated, not nearly as corrosive during application. As far as copper sulfate is concerned...It seems like it's more effective against fungai. I don't know how it would react against viruses such as E.Coli.

    This is quick, easy, and awesome! Excellent first instructable! I hope that you decide to make more!