Powerful Mini Slingshot :SMALL BUT POWERFUL: (from Scrap )

this is an instructable on how to make a simple mini slingshot from simple parts that can be easly found

Step 1: THE Parts

you will need :
_ an old headphone.
_some paracord (or any type of cord ).

The band :
_duct tape .
_some type of long balloons.

Step 2: THE Main Body

for the main body i've remmoved the metalic part that holds the speakers and unscrewed it from that black part .
that will be the main part of our mini slingshot :D

Step 3: Wrapping

wrap the metalic part with your paracord like shown in the images , and burn the end , if necessary , or just push it inside .
the take some paracord and do a cobra wave.

Step 4: THE Band

for the band i just took a piece of duct tape and made two holes , then i've knoted one balloon in each side and and some tape to hold it into the main body .
in my first attempt i used just a piece of paper and a string that i've removed from my clothes but it wasn't as accurate as i wanted so i've decided to use balloons for their elasticity .

Step 5: Finish

here's the finished product :D
if you decide to make one and you don't have all the parts just be creative and try to replace them
them send me a pic of your slingshot .
i will try to add some photos of target shooting as soon as possible and maybe a video .
Feel free to ask any question and comment !!b



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