Practice Meteor Hammer/Rope Dart.




Introduction: Practice Meteor Hammer/Rope Dart.

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This is a great way to practice the meteor hammer without smashing holes in every wall in the house. 

Step 1: Materials.

Approx. 20 feet of 6mm cord.
Foos ball or golf ball.
Optional: paracord bracelet and bright bandana.

Step 2: Make a Monkey Fist Knot

I haven't quite mastered this knot yet, so I'll send you elsewhere to learn.   I put the weight in just before the tightening part.  Check out step nine for an idea on how many turns to make.  Just remember to come back here!  Tie the knot off with a knot like the one in the picture and support it with a double overhand stopper knot.   is a good site for help with knots.

Step 3: Retaining Knot.

At the other end of the rope, tie another double overhand stopper knot to slip under the bracelet.  Alternatively, tie a bowline to go around your weak wrist.  I prefer the bracelet method. 

Step 4: Storage and Transport.

Tie a monkey chain knot in the rope, starting by the head of the meteor.  For those who don't know how to do this, follow the pics.  When you reach the end of the rope, tuck the extra rope through the last loop.  To undo, pull the rope back through the loop and pull until it is completely unraveled.

Step 5: So... How Do You Use It?

 Ah...  that's another matter entirely.  Start off simple.  Begin by attaching the retention knot to your weak wrist and controlling the rope with your strong hand.  Twirl underhand: the up swing.  Loosen your grip on the rope so that the head shoots straight out.  Quickly pull back and allow the rope to naturally start twirling overhand: the front swing.  Again shoot the head out, this time behind you.  Go back into the up swing and shoot.  Now the front swing and shoot.  Repeat as many times as you want.  Once you have gotten this down, watch this  for even more.  There are several parts to this so be sure to watch them all.  Maybe you'll get this good.   Have fun!                                                                  

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea :-) Thanks - I was looking for DIY practice meteor and this fits the bill perfectly.

    To add an idea - for a little extra weight on the ball, you can use a small pet toy tennis ball and fill it with rice. (The mini ones)