Prank :: Broom+Bowl+Water=Laughs

 In this instructable for a prank, I'm going to show you how to make a simple prank into a funny one.  

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Step 1: Materials

1: Bowl
2: Broom/Hockey Stick etc
3: Water
4: Chair if needed (most likely will)
5: Mop for the clean-up afterwards 

Step 2: Preparation

 **Do this prank over a tiled floor for an easy clean up**

To start get a plastic bowl from the cupboards and place it on the counter. Next, fill it with water (to desired amount. Note:the more full it is the bigger the mess someone might have to clean up! 
After that, put a chair in the middle of the room. Remember to have a Broom or hockey stick somewhere in the room. 

Step 3: Pulling It Off!

 Call the person you want to prank into the room. Say you are going to do a magic trick. Next stand on the chair, place the bowl against the ceiling(filled with water). Then tell the person to fetch a broom or hockey stick. After that tell them to place it against the bottom of the bowl. Once they have taken the weight of the bowl, get off the chair and leave. You are DONE! they are now stuck there or risk being soaked by taking away the broom!

Step 4: Clean Up

 Hope you enjoyed the time being that they were stuck there! :D  
Hope you liked this instructable for a prank! :D



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     i did this to my cousin while we were both home alone just the two of us and ended up with paintballs whizzing by my eats at 800 feet per secont point black.
    it hurt