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Step 1: Materials Required:

- 1 wooden coffee table.
- an assortment of items that can be secured to the table with crews.

- 1 sign that ays "FREE" on it.

- 1 roll of duct tape.

- strong screws

- a drill with screwdriver bit

Step 2: This Video Shows How It's Done... With Actual Strangers. Don't Let the Simplicity Fool You - This Prank Is Just Awesome!

Almost every person that I pranked thought this original idea was hilarious, MANY even stopped to take pictures of the table after being fooled. Enjoy =)

Step 3: Step #1 - Preparing for the Prank.

take your items and secure them to the table using the screws and your drill. You want to try and hide the screws as best as you can, that way it's much easier to trick people.

Step 4: Step #2 - Pulling the Prank Off!

Take your table to a public area that has lots of people and a place for you to hide.
Use the duct tape and secure your "FREE" sign to the table.

Step 5: Step #3 - Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy sharing a laugh with random strangers. =)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! I'm kind of surprised nobody tried to pick up the whole table and run off with it! :)