Prank Vibration Machine

Introduction: Prank Vibration Machine

Tools required: Hobby Knife, Philips head ScrewDriver, Soldering Iron(+ solder), Hot Glue Gun (not shown), Wire Cutters.

Parts Required: Project enclosure (@ Radioshack for $5.49), cheap flashlight, Xbox Controller Rumble Motor (or any motor with an offset weight), 2 AA Battery holder (with positive and negative outputs), AA Batteries, Wire (any old wire you have laying around will work).

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Step 1: Remove Switch/Button From Flashlight

Just break open that flashlight and retrieve your needed switch.

Step 2: Begin Soldering Your Connections

Solder the connections between all of the wires and switches and motor reference to the drawing shown.

Step 3: Hot Glue the Connections

After you solder all connections and you are positive they all function properly, cover them in hot glue to ensure they will stay connected.

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Enclosure for the Button

Find a drill bit near the size of your button, but not to large, and drill a hole in the area you want the button to be in.

Step 5: Begin Gluing in Your Parts.

After your hole is drilled start gluing your parts in:
1) The switch - the switch will be glued in to the hole you created just put two dots of glue where it wont hurt anything and fit it right in the hole. Hold for a couple of seconds to let it dry.

2) The motor - glue the motor somewhere it is not going to hit on anything for me the best place was the top next to the switch. Put A LOT of glue because this part will have a lot of movement which will cause it to fall if there isnt enough glue, but be sure not to get any inside the motor.

3) The Battery Box - put the battery box in a place where you can easily access it for me the best place was the metal plate in the base of the enclosure. Put a decent amount of glue on this and center it where it wont hit the sides when closing the box.

Step 6: Close Up the Box

Place the metal plate inside of the lid and place it on the box (you made need to apply a LITTLE pressure to ensure its all the way in there). Line up the holes and screw in the lid onto the box. Leave a slight gap to ensure its not over tightened.

Step 7: You Are Finished!!

Now that you have this all done go hide it in a coworkers office, Family members car, or anywhere, and turn it on and watch their irritation grow as they continue to look for the annoying buzzing noise. Have fun!!!

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