[Prank] You Were Hacked!?!




Whether it is April Fools or not, who doesn't like "hacking" your idiot non-technological friend! This tutorial will simply show you how to create a batch file that will trick your friends into thinking they were hacked!

Step 1: Creating a Word Document

To begin you need to open a blank text document (.txt) To open a blank text document

1.right click on your screen and click "new"

2. Click Text Document

3. Don't name it just let it stay default.

4. Open the document

Step 2: Programming the Batch File.

Now that you have created and opened your word document you can now start programming. Batch file programming is the easiest programming format there is, but don't worry, even if you don't want to program you can just copy and paste the code below.


@echo "HEY look, GET HACKED!"


start cmd

start ping -t -l 65500

start ping -t -l 65500

start ping -t -l 65500

start ping -t -l 65500

Code: overview

@echo = The words that will come up when file is opened. In this case we will say the user is getting hacked.

@TIMEOUT [number] = the number of seconds it takes until the next command is executed.

start [command] = Start is the code for what will be executed, in this case cmd or command prompt.

start ping [IP] -t -l [number] = This is the command that will look like there getting hacked. It is the basic code for a DDOS attack. If you know your friends IP address you can put it in the spot of the 0's. If not just use 0's.

*The repeats are so the pings will be executed multiple times.

Step 3: Save the Code

Saving the file is the most important part.

To save:

1) Click "File" in the upper left hand corner.

2) Next, click "Save As"

3) Name the file anything you want then put .bat at the end

4) Change file type to "All Files"

5) Click "Save" at the bottom right.

Step 4: Making It Look Realistic

Now you have finished the actual file but it looks suspicious, so now we have to mask it and make it look like a real file. For this purpose I am masking the file as Facebook.com and making it look like a Google Chrome extension.


1) Right click your screen, click "New", then click "Shortcut"

2) Find the file location and put it in the dialog box.

3) Name it (whatever you want) I will be using Facebook.com

4) Click "Finish"

Step 5: Adding Added Features

Now we really have to make it look good. Right now the file still looks the same. So now we will make it look more like a Google Chrome extension.


1) Right click the shortcut and click "Properties"

2) Go to this [link] and download the Google Chrome ICO file. If your victim uses Internet Explorer click this [link] and download the ICO.

3) Once those are down downloading go back to the properties page and click at the bottom "Change Icon" (If a box comes up just click "OK"

4) Click "Browse" at the top and find the ICO icon file you downloaded and load it.

5) Now click at the bottom "Apply" then "OK"

Step 6: NOW YOUR DONE! *Final Notes*

If you plan on sending this file to friends or planting it on other machines make sure you put everything into a folder including the original .bat and the pictures you used. You may also delete that blank new text document. But for the best results hide the original .bat in the downloads folder with pictures and stuff of your victims machine and just put the shortcut on the desktop. However, you MUST edit the shortcut by right clicking it and clicking "Edit" and reload the original .bat file in its current folder. Then go back to the shortcuts properties and reload the icon using the current icon file and its current folder location!

Thanks and best of luck!

*If used to actually DDOS, I am not responsible for any harm caused or any crimes broken!

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    15 Discussions


    9 months ago


    Yes I tried it on my friend and my mom, LOL! When I tried it on my friend I renamed everything and made it look like a video game add-on so then when he opened it he was really scared and I have his reaction on video. When I tried it on my mom, she instantly was scared.

    SovRWilliam L.D

    Reply 3 years ago

    The answer is 42. No one is dead or alive..... :P


    4 years ago

    Don't be angry with my question but why would you want someone to think their machine is hacked? Sure it may be a good laugh but if that person has important stuff or processes on that machine then the joke not so good for the machine operator/owner. Some people act violent to being fooled like that. Joke is good at times but some jokes can take it too far. Just a thought (although in the past I used to be up for a joke too but not anymore).

    1 reply

    I am not angry, and I am sure people would like to see how you are reminding them that they have to be careful. You are totally right, but I see the joke lies within your friends sense of humor. Obviously, if your friend is a network security enthusiast you should be careful because they might get angry and fight back so you are right. Just be careful!


    4 years ago

    Actually it is used in a very low form DOS attack. You are not distributing the DOS attack to other networks, only slowing down a specific network with a specific master network. No other networks involved. Other than that pretty funny.

    1 reply
    Hollywood HackerTheDevil13

    Reply 4 years ago

    yes you are right, all I was getting at is the ping with the packets it sends could be abused. But thanks for the feedback!

    It is awesome# check out my one it is a lot same.I think we had same idea but in different language

    the url is:- https://www.instructables.com/id/FaKe-HaCkinG-ScReEn-PrAnK/