Pranked Goody Bag

Introduction: Pranked Goody Bag

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Thinking of a prank for a co-worker, friend, or family? Think no more! They will never suspect anything when you give them a goody bag! With an assortment of pranked fruits and treats, you will surely have a laugh! Just give them a real un-pranked  goody bag after so ther are no hard feelings.   

You will need: Knife
lemon juice
recipients faveorite soda

Step 1: Prank Soda

First, give the victim something to drink in the goodybag. Get a can of their favorite soda, pop it open, and pour it into a jar or glass. You can drink it later. Now rinse it out, and pour lemon juice and water into it. Reseal the can. I can't really explain it, so just google "How to reseal a soda can". Now you have fake soda.

Step 2: Surprise Orange

Cut out a small square of orange. Next, slide an orange jellybean into the hole. Cut away flesh and put the rind back on. It's just that simple.

Step 3: Wormy Apple

Take a piece of wire and begin poking it into the apple in various places. There will be holes in the apple, making the victim think it was wormy. Put everything into a bag with the victims name on it, and  put it where they will find it, or just  give it to them and leave.

Step 4: Results

This is what each part looked like.

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