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Introduction: Prankster Pi - Chair Prank

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Here is a stellar April Fools' Day Prank !! for your workplace ,using a Raspberry Pi,portable speaker and a fast vibration sensor .

Watch the video above and follow the ible, and rig up your co-worker chair so that it makes fart sounds when he/she takes a seat. Modify the code attached in step 3 and record your own scary/goofy sounds.

This ible is inspired by Air horn office chair prank by mikeasaurus.

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

Electronic components you'll need to complete the build

  • Jumper wire

You will also need

  • SD card to store the Rasbian Operating system
  • Tape/Velcro - my suggestion here is to use velcro if you plan on using this prank at work, to avoid the mess
  • Power Bank/Battery
  • USB drive to upload the python program to the Pi
  • Mini USB cable to power up the Pi
  • Poratable Speaker

Step 2: Prepare the Raspberry Pi

If you have just bought a Raspberry Pi, download Raspbian which is operating system for the Raspberry Pi from the link

Follow the installation link to prepare your SD card from the img you just downloaded

Insert the SD card in the slot of the Pi and boot the Pi up, follow a couple of tutorial to get familiar with the Pi, follow the link below

Step 3: Download the Folder and Upload Folder to the Pi

Download the Zip file attached and upload it to the USB stick.

Connect the USB drive to the Raspberry Pi and copy the folder into the folder from /media/USB DISK to /home/pi/

Note: If you are running you Pi headless you can use a tool like FileZilla or WinSCP to upload the folder to the raspberry pi using the SFTP protocol

Step 4: Breadboard the Circuit

Connect a fast vibration sensor to GPIO pin #24

And a LED via a 10K Ohms resistor to GPIO pin #25 ,to indicate that the vibration sensor was triggered.

Step 5: Test the Circuit

To quickly test the circuit , go to the LX terminal as show in the screen shot above and type in the following commands

Get into the folder that you just copied over using the following command

pi@raspberrypi ~$cd pranksterPI

To run the python code use

pi@raspberrypi ~$sudo python

once you run this command in a couple of seconds you are ready to test , tap the fast vibration sensor as shown in the video above and this should trigger the circuit.

And you should here a FART!! sound.

Step 6: Call the Code on Login

Once you test is successful, you'll now want to call the python program as soon as the Pi boots up using the Power Bank/Battery pack.

For this you will have to modify cron file

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo crontab -e

Add the following line at the end of the file

@reboot python /home/pi/pranksterPI/ &

then click ctrl+x to save your changes

Step 7: Rig the Pi to the Chair

Now rig up the Pi to an office chair using velcro as shown in the picture above.

Most office chairs are ideal for this kind of scenario, you can put the Pi and the portable speaker between the seat bed and the gap where the chair adjustments handles originate from

Step 8: Wait for Your Bait

Congratulations your done ! sit and wait for you co-worker to come and take their seat .

Have a camera ready or just use your smart phone to capture their reaction.

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