Precious Memory Converter - Convert All Old Films to Digital

I have enjoyed the hobby of collecting old photos for many years.
But over the years I have found some amazing photos in other formats.
Amazing old color  home movies in 8mm and 16mm format.
Beautiful old 35mm color photo slides.
Fantastic glass plate photo slides from over a hundred years ago.

I want to scan and digitally preserve these beautiful old memories before the images fade away.
I looked around and there are a thousand different solutions to this but all different and specifically designed for one format or the other.
Also they are really expensive.. So I thought would it be a really cool idea to design a simple and robust 3D printable device that allows anyone with access to a 3d printer to convert and save all there old analog photos for future generations.

So this is why I am going to develop the idea of a high quality.. very low cost and easy to use ( Precious Memory Converter )

Hope this helps lots of people preserve their family history !! :-)  :-)

Step 1:

Step 2: From the Other Side View of the Basic Idea

from the other side



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