Precision Hot Glue Pen

Intro: Precision Hot Glue Pen

 I saw a tutorial online somewhere that showed how to modify a glue gun. It wasn't that good of a mod, and since I needed a precision glue applicator, i figured i'd make my first Instructable while getting what I needed. It was actually quite a simple mod, only took about half an hour start to finish, and cost me a whole dollar for the glue gun (gotta love dollar stores).

Step 1: Disassemble Glue Gun

To start off I unscrewed to glue gun, there were 4 screws. Easy  enough...then i also dismantled a Bic lighter discarding all but the little nipple the gas comes out from.  At this point i took my trusty knife and cut the glue gun casing at the handle so tha it could be inverted for a pen like grip(see photo)
after carving out a small piece of the plastic to allow for the joining of the pieces i used my low wattage soldering iron to fuse together the parts in the new positions.(if you dont have a low wattage soldering iron you can use a lighter but this is not advisable because burning plastic can be very dangerous.)

Step 2: Adding the Precis

 Once again using my knife to widen the diameter of the glue heater to fit the gas nipple from the lighter. not much had to be removed. I then simply inserted the nipple using went very smoothly not alot of brute force needed.

Step 3: Final Assembly.

 I now put the hot glue heater back in its original place, ran the power cord through its newly located path, and screwed the pieces back together.  and that concludes my first instructable. hope everyone enjoyed it and those of you who do decide to make one please let me know how it went.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

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     its a push type, the original setup didnt have a trigger , just  push the glue stick with your thumb like a syringe ..
    thanx,  the thing worx great , especially with better quality glue sticks it makes things almost as permanent as crazyglue.