Predator Call - Quick & Easy

Introduction: Predator Call - Quick & Easy

I've seen videos online of hunters making predator calls from those cheap dog toys that squeak, so I made one myself and had great results. The squeaky noise that these dog toys make are almost identical to the noise a rabbit or other small mammal in distress makes. This of course makes complete since why it is so popular with dogs and other predators, such as coyotes.

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Step 1: Items You Will Need

All the Items you will need include:

- 1 inexpensive squeaky dog chew toy

- Scissors or knife to cut the squeaky component out of the dog toy

- 1 foot of plastic tubing

Step 2: Cut Out the Squeaky Component

With a knife or scissors, cut out the small plastic component in the dog toy that makes the squeaky noise.

Step 3: Find Plastic Tubing That Matches

Since I wasn't sure of the size tubing I would need, I cut the plastic component out that squeaks first and then took that piece to the hardware store to find the exact size tubing I would need. I found the perfect size and bought exactly one foot. You may prefer longer or shorter tubing depending on how you plan to use it, but remember you can always cut more off later.

The plastic component will make slightly different sounds depending which way the air is going through it and how fast. I find that I get best results by changing it up a bit. For example, using a combination of one hand to muffle the noise and anything I can do to change the volume, rhythm, and sound itself can be effective. You can also find some examples of rabbit in distress calls online, which are very helpful.

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    3 years ago

    Made it and looking forward to use it in the field!

    Bootleg Outdoors
    Bootleg Outdoors

    Reply 3 years ago

    Awesome, send us a pic @viciousbaitdye !