Predator Helmet Wolf Bio




here a quick step by step photos to show you how I created my second Predator Helmet

this is the Wolf Bio version.

1- find a  pepakura version of the helmet (forums like "The Hunters Lair" or "THERPF" are great helps)
2- make the paper version
for this part i do not use glue but paper tape, it's easier and faster.
3- harden the paper helmet with resine interior and exterior (exterior: add fiber glass paper)
4- add bando, for my part as the helmet was only for display, I preferred using a personal mixture of: tile adhesive (white powder) and seal tiles (gray powder). It's hard but easy to sand (with sand paper :).
5-add details with a Dremel
6- make the teeth with FIMO
7- have fun painting  :)
8- make a stand or hang on a wall

this realy a quick tuto, you can visit the forums I mentioned, you will find all you need.

thanks for your interest




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