Predator Missile -Model


Introduction: Predator Missile -Model

This is the best predator missile I can make :D I hope you like. Its only a model. 
This is one of my first time posting a project online. 



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    Kid, dont believe everything COD feeds you, its not a predator missile, its a drone, or UAV which can drop laser guided bombs.

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    lol, thanks, i just hate people getting their information of weapons based off COD..... like i play it sometimes but i know 99% of things in that game are misleading lol.

    lol, the only COD i can say i had any fun at was MW1, the noobtubes, martydom and m60 were a pisser, other that that it was good.

    +1 even though I like blops (not as many tubers as before, though second chance sucks.)

    Hmm. I think the AkU and m60 are worse. I like the famas for in lower levels. I use silenced snipers more though. (especially in jungle and array)

    ak74u and famas were way overpowerd and way overused =D the m60 wasnt that overused i think =D will you be going on MW1 later?