Prediction Magic Trick Revealed!


Introduction: Prediction Magic Trick Revealed!

About: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff that is being taught so I decided to create a youtube channel where I teach my own ...

prediction magic trick revealed!

Here is a really cool prediction magic trick that you can use to blow your friends away! There is advantages and dissadvantages to this trick. first of all it is a really cool prediction magic trick that should really suprize people and it is really effective. the dissadvantage is you never know how long the trick will be. the trick can be very short or verry long. Because of this you must know how to entertain them with what you are saying before the final prediction. Try mot to repeat what you already said. Although this prediction magic trick may end up to be very long it is still a big mind blower and I still recommenced it! A very important tip wile preforming this prediction magic trick is to make sure your gimmick is well made. I highly recommend if you are going to do this trick to buy a double sided card rather than trying to make the gimmick yourself because it will be a lot more foolproof. If you are to make your own gimmick do not use tape, use super glue!



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