Premiere Elements 14 - How to Apply Lens Correction

Introduction: Premiere Elements 14 - How to Apply Lens Correction

How to apply lens correction in Premiere Elements 14

I have recently upgraded to Adobe Premier Elements 14 from version 9 of the video editing software. I have also bought a Qumox SJ5000 action camera which has a very wide angle lens. Consequently the image is quite distorted (barrelled) which is not a problem for many shots but for those with straight, parallel lines it doesn't look so good. I therefore wanted to find a way within Premiere Elements 14 to correct the distortion. In the Pro version there are lens profiles included which you can use to automatically correct it but that isn't the case with Elements. I managed to use the "Lens Distortion" effect to manually straighten out the footage which is what I show in this video.

Was it worth upgrading? Well frankly, not really. There are very few new features that I will actually use. They have made it look different (so you think you are getting something for your money) but it looks worse in my opinion. It looks more "amateur" but then perhaps that is what it is really designed for. I would have upgraded to Premiere Pro but now they want you to pay a monthly subscription, which I am not prepared to do. The new CC version also makes use of "the cloud" but with internet access being slow here in Fuerteventura that isn't really a viable option for me.


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    4 years ago

    I made a code for the sj4000 for correcting the photos, I dont know if you can recycle it and use it for video