Prepare Your Outdoor Fountain for Winter

Introduction: Prepare Your Outdoor Fountain for Winter

Preparing your outdoor fountain for winter is extremely important if you want to decrease your running cost and extend its life. Following few simple steps will ensure your fountain will last longer and will be in best shape.

Step 1: Hide Your Fountain

If your fountain is portable consider hiding it in the shed, garage or basement if possible. This way you will protect it easily against bad weather.

Step 2: Take Care of Your Piping

Before the temperature drops rapidly be sure to drain the water from the fountain. This will ensure you that in case of deep freeze your pipes wont explode.

Step 3: Invest in Protection

It is wise to buy an outdoor fountain cover that you can use for low temperatures and difficult water conditions, but also for extremely sunny weather that can affect the materials.

Step 4: Cover Essentials

If you are not going to protect your fountain with dedicated cover, you need to secure it with blankets, towels or other materials. Cover drains and most delicate parts to make sure that frost and possible hail wont damage it.

Step 5: Protect Your Wiring

Unplug all electric connections to your fountain. If you have dedicated fuse for it - disable it. If you dont - consider hiring electrician to install it. Fountain, because of its nature - should have dedicated fuse.

Step 6: Treat Biological Waste Properly

After draining, clean your fountain from any organic sludge and waste. It is very important thing to do as decomposition material can release gases that are harmful to the piping and drainage.

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Step 7:

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    Good winterizing guide. This is a real issue up in the north.