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Automatically update your Lync presence for all to see using RGB LEDs.

Those of you who use Lync/Skype along with a headset know that sometimes it's difficult for people around you to tell if you're busy (i.e. engaged in a meeting/conference call) or if you're available. That's where the LyncLight comes into play. This is a device which you can hang above your workstations/cubical for all to see you're current Lync presence status in the form of different LED colors.

Slow flashing RED - Busy (Can be changed to a solid red too using desktop app)

Fast flashing RED - Do not disturb

flashing Green - Available/Free (Can be changed to a solid green too using desktop app)

Flashing blue - Workstation locked / Away (can be disabled in desktop app)

Flashing White - Error connecting to arduino

Although the idea and product is not new, the commercial product starts at about $40USD. This is a simple, cost effective DIY implementation of that same commercial product.

Currently only supports PC, tested on Windows 10 with Skype 2015 for Business (i.e. Lync 2013). Not sure if it will work with any other version of Lync or Skype.


Step 1: Gather Parts

  • Arduino Nano clone: Amazon or AliExpress (cheaper)
  • USB mini cable
  • 4 female jumper wires
  • RGB PWM LED (you can substitute a standard RGB LED like this ).
  • 125 Ohm resistor

Step 2: Program Arduino Clone

Connect the arduino clone to your pc and using arduino ide, upload the attached code. I'm not going into how to program the arduino. There are plenty of good tutorials on instructables on the topic.

Step 3: Wire the Arduino

  • Cut one of the jumper wires and solder the resistor inline.
  • Connect the jumper wires to the arduino using the attached diagram.
  • LED connection to Arduino:
    • GND - Resistor - Cathode LED (wire with the inline resistor, one end of resistor to GND the other to the cathode on the LED)
    • D11 - Red LED Anode
    • D10 - Green LED Anode
    • D9 - Blue LED Anode

Step 4: Put It Together

I realize that not everyone has access to a 3D printer. You may substitute what ever packaging you feel appropriate or use the supplied Torch model. (This is a modified version of the model found on Thingiverse)

  • 3D print the "MineCraft Torch" - see attached STLs. I used white PLA for the base and clear for the top.
  • Hot glue the LED in the center of the Top of the torch.
  • Run arduino and wire down the center section.
  • Run the usb cable up the bottom of the base.
  • Assemble all three pieces and glue together if necessary.

Step 5: Download and Run My LyncWatch Application (Windows Only)

My LyncWatcher application controls the LED torche based on your current Lync2013/Skype For Business 2015 presence status.

  1. If your running they LyncWatcher application on a computer not previously used for Arduino development, you will need to install the appropriate driver. For the Arduino nano clone board you will need a CH340 driver found here.
  2. You will need to extract and copy to a location of your choice on your PC (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\LyncWatcher) , then run.
  3. You can configure it by right clicking the tray icon and selecting "Configuration".

This is an application I wrote. It is FREE for personal use or within a commercial setting (i.e. at your place of work). Please do not redistribute, sell, bundle or post for download without written permission. The application is still an alpha version. Use at your own risk. I'll post updates to the application here.



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11 Discussions


Question 2 days ago

Hello, would it be possible to share with me the C code of the application? Unfortunately if I disable the Away Flash function, the yellow LED is not lightning. I would like to check what is in the code.
Thank you!


Question 8 months ago on Step 5

Hi! Cool project. I'd like to perform this using a Wio and a Grove led (only because I have it on hand). I'd like to know how to read the link status, can you offer some reference or a hint? Thanks!


Question 1 year ago

thanks for this great project!

I just finished wiring it and tried to test, problem is, as soon as i start the LyncWatcher it just fades ON/OFF "white" on the LED, seems like there is no reaction to the Skype Status. Do you have any idea what the problem might be?, maybe it wont work with newer versions of skype?

I got it running on Win10 latest build and Skype version

1 answer

Answer 1 year ago

Sorry my bad!, didnt see you wrote about light signals above.


1 year ago

I have made this item and it works great. Issue with laptops when disconnected from network or Arduino. LyncWatcher.exe error popup occurs. Need to offer option to cancel error flag on laptops. Desktops do not have issue as tend to be permanent installs.


1 year ago

Thanks for the cool project! Parts have started arriving from AliExpress :) Can you please share the source code (either attach here, or PM me, or GitHub) because I cannot just bring "untrusted executables" into the office?

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Another reason you need to release the source code behind the LyncStatusWatcher.exe are the warnings by the Anti-Virus programs like this one:


1 year ago


Great tutorials. Any chances to add blinking light when incoming calls ?


1 year ago

As a note, especially since this project seems to be geared towards business environments, I would recommend making the Windows application component open source so people aren't downloading and running untrusted executables they found online on their workstations. Otherwise, this is a really cool project idea - I kinda wish there were more like it, but this is the only one I've found.

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

I've run into that issue too and fixed it. Will post the new binaries here and will also create a github repo and post the source there.


Reply 1 year ago

Hi just wanted to check if you had a chance to opensource the code to a github repo. Please update the links once after you upload.