How to Preserve Memory in DVD Box

Introduction: How to Preserve Memory in DVD Box

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Everyone wants to preserve their precious memories of their loved ones, and one great and easy way to do that is through the use of the Wondershare DVD Creator software. If you are excited about your next vacation, your baby’s first steps, or anything else you crave to turn into a preserved memory,  just download Wondershare DVD Creator software right away. You can use it to burn video or photo to DVD for better preserving memory.

Wondershare DVD Creator is a professional software to burn DVD in high quality.  This software has many advantages over other DVD burning tool on the market. You will be surprised at its many beautifully designed DVD menu templates. Also the process of DVD burning is all about personalization. You can edit your imported media and add DVD menu according to your taste.

How to preserve memory with Wondershare DVD Creator

All you have to do is drag and drop the videos you want to burn to a DVD and use the editor inside of the DVD Creator software to fix it up. It works with most video formats such as MPG, WMV, MOV, MPEG, DAT, AVI, etc. You can also import photos using formats like JPEG, PNG, GiF, Tif, or BMP.

Here is the step by step way to preserve memories with your video and turn them into a great home movie.

Step 1: Import Your Video and Photo

Open the DVD Creator program and then click onto the “import” button to bring in all of your chosen video or photos. You can also just drag it into the folder. You can add more files too if needed.

Step 2: Edit the Videos, Photos You Imported

Next, all you do is to click onto the “pencil” button and you will see the edit features. The Wondershare DVD Creator software lets you do things such as crop, rotate, trim, change the brightness or saturation, and other editing features.

When it comes to adding the photos into your video, you can place them as your desire, such as adding words, music or even putting it in upside down if you like. Add music if you want by clicking onto the music button and bringing it in and then manipulating it as you wish.

Step 3: Customize With DVD Creator Templates

Wondershare DVD Creator also comes with several templates with various themes you can use to make your movies such as holiday, family, etc. Or, you can download more from their website. You can also do things like change the background, add more music, etc.

Step 4: Preview Before Burning a DVD

Before the final step of burning to a DVD you can preview your creation and change things if desired. Just click the Preview tab on the top of the interface.

Step 5: Preset the DVD and Start to Burn

You can also save the settings you use to make your DVDs if desired so you can use them to make future DVDs.

Click onto the burn button and soon you will be enjoying your romantic, funny or other kinds of home videos.

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