Presetting Endmills to Retain Balance

Introduction: Presetting Endmills to Retain Balance

This technique will produce repeatable tool stack-ups when replacing worn endmills. It will retain its original balance and offset along with its dynamic properties.

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Step 1: Balance and Tap-Test Assembly

Step 2: Measure Stickout

Record this dimension in the DC software when tap-testing the tool.

Step 3: Put Setting Ring on Endmill

They are made of aluminum and will not harm the cutting edges. The setting rings can be purchased HERE.

Step 4: You May Have to Adjust Clamping Pressure

Step 5: Align Slot With Tooth Edge

Rotate stop until the slot is aligned with the point of one tooth. Similar to sighting a rifle.

Step 6: Set the Stop Gage

The Stop Gage can be purchased HERE

Step 7: Make a Witness Mark

Use a Dremel engraver or die grinder to mark the location of the slot.

Step 8: Remove the Ring

Step 9: Set the Next Endmill

Using the Setting Gage and align the slot with a tooth point. You can preset multiple endmills at a time if you wish and have them ready for reloading.

NOTE: If you are setting variable pitch tools, you will need to make sure you are setting to same tooth and orientation to the Weldon flat.

Step 10: Replace Endmill

  1. Insert new endmill
  2. Rotate the stop until the slot aligns with the witness mark.
  3. Tighten toolholder
  4. Remove stop

This will work with shrink fit and other toolholder systems. For Rego-Fix PG, we recommend using their length setting gage and aligning one of the slots on the collet to the tooth tip and the witness mark.

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