Press Your Nixie (a Nixie Based Press Your Luck Game)

Introduction: Press Your Nixie (a Nixie Based Press Your Luck Game)

Press Your Luck (tv game show) in Nixie form,.. getting a W (view the tube upsidedown) is like getting a wammy, see how many points (other cathodes) you can get before hitting 3 wammies.
people on the show would always say "NOWAMMY NOWAMMY NOWAMMY STOPPP!!!"

parts for the circuit:
camera flash (for hv - look up for other instructables on how to hack a flash for nixie power suply)
SPST switch (or button)

here's the circuit (warning i suck at drawing a schematic):

here's another vid of it working showing the various speed control

i tried so hard to make a score board for it too but it just wasn't working. i actually spent way more time on that than the finished circuit.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    it's come to my attention that you may want to add a diode after pin 3 on the 555 or have the switch power on/off the 555 instead of having the power go high on pin 3