Pretty Cardboard Heart Shaped Hanging Lamp.




Introduction: Pretty Cardboard Heart Shaped Hanging Lamp.

Hey Friends!!

I always believe in making "WEALTH FROM WASTE".

Why not recycling waste material from around our house and create something amazing!!

My instructables usually don't require much money, time and expertise in any particular skill.

In my this instructable, I am presenting you a very pretty heart shape lamp totally made up of waste material i.e. CARDBOARD.

So without spending much money and time, here is my hanging cardboard lamp for my bedroom which I actually created from my waste cardboard box of geyser in just very few bucks (almost free of cost) and couple of hours of work.

Step 1: Material Needed :-

-- Two cardboard of each minimum dimension of 20" * 20"

-- pencil ( Amazon : pencil )

-- scale ( Amazon : Ruler )

-- scissors/cutter ( Amazon : Scissors) / ( Amazon : Hobby cutter)

-- tissue papers ( Amazon : tissue)

-- fevicol ( Amazon : fevicol)

-- water

-- paint brush ( Amazon : paintBrush)

-- bowl for mixing water and Fevicol ( Amazon : mixing bowl )

-- Paint colors as per your choice ( Amazon : paintColors)

-- Bulb holder with sufficient wire to hang it.( Amazon : holder)

-- Bulb (advised to use low wattage bulb e.g. LED BULB, as in my instructable, my main material is cardboard and tissue paper) ( Amazon : LEDbulb )

Step 2: Draw Shape of Lamp on Cardboard and Cut Them.

Step A.

Take one piece of cardboard and draw small heart shape as shown of size approx. 5 * 4 inches.

Now for shape symmetry of all the hearts, mark a length of 1 inch each around the shape of initial smallest heart as shown. Combine the marks and you will get a symmetrical heart of size greater than the previous heart as shown.

Repeat the above step for 4 more times and you will be getting total of 6 symmetrical heart shapes as shown.

Now cut these heart shapes with cutter as shown resulting into 6 cardboard heart shapes with you.

Step B.

Repeat 'step A' for second piece of cardboard.

So finally, you will be having total of 12 cardboard heart shapes with 2 same(as shown) for each size.

i.e. if my first heart shape is of size 5"*4" as shown

So, it will be :-

2 of dimension 5"*4"

2 of dimension 7"*6"

2 of dimension 9"*8"

2 of dimension 11"*10"

2 of dimension 13"*12"

2 of dimension 15"*14"

Step 3: Give Texture to Cardboard Heart Shapes Using Tissue Paper(OPTIONAL)

I love texture and sturdiness came out with the use of tissue paper on anything after dried up.

Take a bowl, pour some fevicol into bowl and add little water to it as shown. Mix it well with paint brush as shown to make it a watery fevicol syrup.

Cut out the small random pieces of tissue paper with either scissors of hands as shown.

Now apply a little coat of watery fevicol syrup to cardboard heart shape and place pieces of tissue paper in random manner as shown on it.

Now properly coat these pieces of tissue paper with fevicol syrup as shown to cover up all the sides of cardboard heart shape as shown. Do this to all the heart shapes.

NOTE: While coating, we feel that cardboard is loosing its strength, don't worry! after this coating of tissue paper got dried it will regain its strength to double.

Now let all these cardboard heart shapes to get dried over night.

NOTE: Place them on any smooth surface as shown for drying so that they don't get faulty shapes on random surface.

After they got dried up you can see the beautiful texture came out on our cardboard heart shape cut outs.(As shown)

Step 4: Paint These Textured Cardboard Heart Shapes.

Paint them of your choice of color or multicolor properly.

You can easily see in the picture that how the texture came out from tissue papers is looking beautiful after coloring.

Step 5: Cut Out the Shape Like Hanger to Hold All These Textured Cardboard Heart Shapes From Leftover Cardboard Piece.

From one of the leftover cardboard corner piece, cut out the shape as shown in picture with dimension approx. 15"*6"

Basically we need to adjust these 12 cardboard heart shapes onto this cardboard hanger shape at equal distance between all the hearts.

So, as shown in picture, make the small cuts at the approx equal lengths as in picture.

Color this cardboard hanger shape with same color as you use for painting your cardboard hearts.

Step 6: Glue All 12 Cardboard Heart Shapes Onto This Cardboard Hanger Shape.

Separate these total of 12 hearts into set of TWO with 6 hearts of different size in each set as shown.

Now glue all the 12 cardboard heart shapes onto the small cuts you made on this cardboard hanger shape in a manner as shown.

NOTE: You have to start by attaching biggest heart shapes in center cuts on this cardboard hanger and attaching all in descending order of shape on both the side as shown above. And paste smallest heart on both ends by fevicol.

Step 7: Adjust the Bulb Holder and Your Cardboard Pretty Heart Shape Lamp Is Ready to Beautify Your Room.

TA-DA!! Isn't it cool.

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    This is a cute idea, you could decorate it so many ways!


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    thanks swamsong :)
    yups decoration is like cherry on cake.... :)