Pretty Easy Reclaimed 2X4 and Steel Top Coffee Table

Introduction: Pretty Easy Reclaimed 2X4 and Steel Top Coffee Table

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you could make this table with basically nothing but a chop saw, hand drill and sander. the welding isn't necessary (bolt it from the top and just tie the legs together without welding the corners).

i make and see so many tables with steel bases and wood tops, i got in to doing it the other way around. i have another video on instructables with a different, more unique design that features a 2X4 bottom and steel top.

this one is relatively simple. just cut four legs, two long sides, and two short sides. bolt them together, screw on a fairly heavy gauge sheet metal top and use something to brace the legs, if you want.

i apologize that this isn't a traditional "instructable-style" write-up; i make these videos for my youtube channel and try to share them here as well, for anyone who may be interested. this is a build for someone who would consider themselves "amateur" or higher with woodworking. feel free to ask questions and i will do my best to answer.

also, i'm banging up the guitar in this video to prove my guitar stand design works. you can learn more about the stand at

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