Super Easy Super Bright Ten Minute Green Bike Lights

Its another bike headlight... sadly nothing new, but definitely an easy and cheap or free way of make a great and efficient package. Doable in ten minutes minus the paint. These are super efficient where I would get about an hour with my halogens on my battery, I get about 16 with these so this is a great battery/money saver and its brighter. For both sets of lights it cost me around ten dollars thats not including a battery. If you have the stuff around your house it is easily free.

What You Need:

4 15-16mm 12v Car LED's (2 "front" White, 2 "rear" red)
2 Easy Break 3/4" Sprinkler connectors
4 threaded/slip 3/4" PVC Elbows
Soldering gun and solder
Electrical Tape
Spray Paint/Bed Liner
Painters/Masking Tape
Drill/Drill-bit or a Nail and Hammer

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Step 1: Get the Supplies

I already listed what you need so i will just talk about where to get it all.

From Online/Truck Stops (I GOT MINE HERE)
4 15-16mm Car LED's (2 "front" White, 2 "rear" red)

2 Easy Break 3/4" Sprinkler connectors
4 threaded/slip 3/4" PVC Elbows

Solder Stuff
Electrical Tape
Spray Paint/Bed Liner
Painters/Masking Tape
Drill/Drill-bit or a Nail and Hammer

Step 2: Solder the Front Lights

This step is pretty obvious just solder a red wire to the positive contact and a black to the ground contact on both lights.

Step 3: Size the Lights

Ok so depending on what size lights you got there will be a slight mismatch to the 3/4" opening so it is time to shim/fatten up our lights. For this I simply added electrical tape in one inch increments till a snug seal was made and then I slid the lights in the slip side of the 3'4" PVC elbows till flushed with the PVC. If necessary Cut off excess tape with blade.

Step 4: Fit the Connector

So with the Sprinkler connector its time to size it, Now you can make it whatever size you want i broke mine down as small as I could to give it a cleaner look. But after you do that drill two small holes in the middle. make it just big enough for your wires to fit through. If you do not have a drill poke holes with a nail and hammer.

Step 5: Connect the Pieces.

Slide two wires through the holes you just made and then lead the wires attached to light through your connector so that they are coming out the same side as your new wires. Then screw the elbow onto the connector.

Step 6: Finish Connecting

Now attach the other lights positive wire to the two positives you already have and the same for the negatives. What I did here was spin the elbow I was about to connect counter clockwise as many times as there are threads that way when I screwed it together the wires came unspun. So now you are done your first light, except for paint if you want to pretty it up.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 2 Through 7

Repeat steps 2-7 but this time with those red lights you bout for your taillights.

Step 8: Test Them Out

Self explanatory

Step 9: Painting Time

Mask the lights/LEDs with an easy removable tape. Lay down a painting cloth I use old wrapping paper. Spray with either bedliner or spray paint. Let dry for a minute. Flip and repeat. After paint is dry to touch remove the tape.

Step 10: Connect Battery, Attach, Ride Safe.

I used this battery by tyronemenezes with a switch built on that.

I attached it to my bike with electrical ties and will post pictures of that soon.

This is my first instructable so leave comments/criticism and I will post all my other lighting/bike projects if you guys enjoyed this one. I still have a collapsible tall bike, bike ground effects/total lighting, my own party bike, and a bike stereo system for around $50 that is louder than most car stereos.

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    hi there really great idea just wondering if it could be adapted to fit a bike trailer


    10 years ago on Step 10

    Very kewl!  Thanks for sharing and look forward to more posts.


    10 years ago on Step 4

    Thank you for sharing this. I now have a better idea of how to do my own; based on yours with some variation.

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