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Handmade jewelries are fun to make, besides, you can mix and match different materials to make a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift. In this instructable I'll show you how to make different kinds of fabric flower rings.

Lets start!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials you'll need to make these rings:

1) Fabrics (net fabric, tissue fabric, satin fabric are great for making flowers),
2) Scissor,
3) Candle or lighter,
4) Blank finger rings,
5) White glue or hot glue,
6) Thread and hook,
7) Beads.

Step 2: Satin Fabric Flower Ring

Satin fabric flowers turn out really nice.
To make the flowers you have to cut out 4-6 circles out of satin fabric. I've cut out 6 circles of 6 different diameters, the largest circle is 1.5 inches in diameter and the smallest circles' diameter is about 0.5 inch and rest are between 0.5-1.5 inches. This depends on how big you want the flower to be.
After cutting the circles, carefully burn their sides with a lighter or candle.
Use thread and hook to attach the circles or fabric layers together to form a flower like pattern and also attach a bead in the middle. 
Now simply attach the flower with the ring by using hot glue or white glue.
Satin fabric flower ring looks cute!

Step 3: Tissue Fabric Flower Ring

As you know that tissue fabrics are very thin so you have to be careful while cutting and burning it.
For being thin you'll need to cut out more than 10 circles out of the tissue fabric and keep 2-3 circles of equal diameter, to make the tissue fabric flower. I've cut out 12 circles of 4 different diameters (3 circles for each diameter).
Similarly, burn the sides, sew the layers together to form a flower, attach a bead in the middle and glue the flower with a ring.
Tissue fabric flower ring looks gorgeous. 

Step 4: Net Fabric Flower Ring

To make the net fabric flower you'll need to cut more than 6 circles. I've cut out 9 circles. You don't need to worry much about the diameters of the circles for the net fabric, because they change size after burning and become very fluffy.
Rest of the process is the same as tissue fabric flower or satin fabric flower. 
Net fabric flower ring looks elegant. 

Step 5:

Step 6: Mix and Match!

You can also mix and match different fabrics to make these flower rings. Satin fabrics match with both tissue and net fabric. I've attached step-by-step pictures of  making 2 mixed fabric flower ring. 

The difference of making fabric flowers using different fabric materials is mainly the number of layers. You'll need to cut many (more than 10) circles for the tissue fabric flower (as the tissue fabric is very thin), a little less for the net fabric flower and 4-6 circles for the satin fabric flower.
These rings look very classy and they're easy to make. So, don't wait and start making some :)




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    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing! Favorited and voted for this in the jewelry contest. I hope you win!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    How cute! I've seen so many tutorials making large flowers this way - I think I like the tiny ones more :D

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