Pretty in Pink!

Introduction: Pretty in Pink!

This is a cupcake cake I made for my sister's bridal shower.  Of course she is having a little girl!  She already has the cutest little boy. 

It is a very simple creation.  I made all cake and icing from scratch.  The only way to go when you are making something special.
You can embellish any way you'd like.  I chose pink, of course.

Use any basic recipe for both cup cakes and icing.  Even go boxed if you want it faster and easier. 

I added semi-sweet melted chocolate bars to some of the batter to make a few for the chocolate lovers.  As you can see (photo) I placed the chocolate ones in the middle.  I used polka dot cupcake liners (sorry I didn't include photo on them).  It is so easy to do this, right?  Then I swirled a pattern on each cupcake, with dots in between to fill in the spaces you could see.  The embellishments are pearl candies and sprinkles (see photo).  I rolled the bottom cakes in sprinkles to get a ruffle look.  I piped the entire dress and put the pearls around also.  That really dressed it up!

*HINT: to keep your cake table sturdy, I doubled up on card board boxes (cut pieces to fit cake box) and covered with foil. This is a sure fix that your creation won't move and disfigure. 

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