Pretty Paper Pansies How-To




These pretty paper pansies are a cheap alternative to store bought scrapbooking flowers. They are made from recycled paper bags and pages from old books and magazines. They are a great addition for most paper crafts including, cards, invitations, scrapbooking and gift tags.

I used my final flower by gluing it to a bobby pin and placing it on a gift tag to add a little something extra to a present.

What you will need:
Recycled brown craft paper bag
A page or two from an old book or magazine (newspaper is too thin)
Paper Glue
Dish towel
Paper towels


Step 1: Download

Download pansypattern.jpg and print it out full size (a scale has been placed on each jpg to help with printing at the correct proportions).

Step 2: Cut Pattern

Cut out each flower pattern. Using the large pansy flower pattern trace three flowers on the brown paper bag and book pages. Then take the small flower pattern and trace two small flowers on the book pages.

Step 3: Cut Out Flowers

Cut out all the flowers. Referring to the dotted lines on the original pattern, carefully cut each flower between its petals.

Step 4: Moisten

Take a dish towel and fold it in half and place a paper towel on top. Placing the pansy cut outs on top of the paper towels and lightly moisten the front and back of of the paper flower.

Step 5: Form Petals

To get the slight curling and creasing in the flower petals, take your teaspoon and place the end on one of the moist flower petals. With moderate pressure press down and pull back the teaspoon stopping when you reach the middle of the flower.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps four and five with the remaining flower petals and let them dry completely.

Step 7: Glue

Starting with the larger flowers, glue them one on top of the other alternating paper colors. Use the two small flowers for the top of the flower. When gluing the flower layers make sure to rotate the positions so they are not all aligned.

Step 8: Let Dry

Take the spoon and place it on top of the glued flower and let it dry completely.

Step 9: Glue Button

Glue a button in the center to finish.



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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have simply got to make these. My SIL has been looking for scrapbooking embellishments for her youngest daughter's baby book, but she can't find things in the right color scheme. This is a perfect solution.


    8 years ago on Step 9

    These are absolutely lovely! I think a nice additional step would be to lightly ink or chalk the edges of the petals before you assemble the flower. It could help with depth. Tea staining the petals could be pretty as well.

    Regardless, this is fantastic. That idea with the spoon is inspired!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty, I like that you used pages from books, that looks really good.