Pretty Rolled Tissue Paper Flowers

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No Special Tools Needed

These tissue paper flowers are inexpensive and easy to make. Use your flowers to design a DIY centrepiece; arrange a mass of single stems in vases; create wall art; or make a pretty bouquet for someone special.

How do you make tissue paper flowers?

Short answer:
Pretty easy In summary, there are 3 steps: Step 1 Apply a small amount of hot glue to one end of wire stem and insert into hollow of cut Q-tip. Step 2 Layer and gather tissue paper strips together Step 3 Glue and wrap gathered petals around bud/stem.

Step 1: Make Stems First

For wooden skewer stems, line up the base of the Q-tip bud alongside the tip of the skewer and bind with tape. Bend one end of the wire with pliers and insert into opening of Q-tip, if using small gauge wires, When opening is narrower than stem, line up the base of the Q-tip bud alongside the tip of the stem and bind with floral tape or other.

If making gift toppers, leave Q-tips intact and cut off after you’ve completed your flower.

Step 2: Cutting Petals

Cut 2 strips of 2 1/4” x 20” of tissue paper Fold strips of tissue in half lengthwise – 2 layers Fold again in quarters 4 – layers. Fold yet again in thirds 12 – layers. Cut out petal shape at one end of paper. Open layers and place strips on top of each other in an offset position. Gather both layers of tissue at the base of the lower edges with your fingers. If you have difficulty doing that, use a sharp needle, strong thread, and a running stitch to gather the tissue. Or, attach the ruffle foot to your sewing machine and set it to the widest stitch and gather. Tissue paper tears easily; use a gentle hand.

Step 3: Attach Petals to Stem

Lay top of stem on lower edge of gathered paper and secure with hot glue.

Roll gathered paper unto stem and glue into place as you go.



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