Pretty T-Shirt Transformation: the Best of Both


Introduction: Pretty T-Shirt Transformation: the Best of Both

This is a simple fix for a T-Shirt, where the neckline is too tight or unflattering, or the sleeve and/or length of T-Shirt is too short. Any color T-Shirt will work. Fabric selection, bodice design, and trim is your choice.

Step 1: Materials:


Sewing pattern (choose one with a separate bodice)

Fabric to match T-Shirt

Thread to match


Step 2: Sew Bodice

Sew bodice following pattern instructions and sew trim to bottom of sleeves at hemline stitching using zi-zag stitch (this will allow for stretch in T-Shirt fabric)

Step 3: Cut T-Shirt:

Measure T-Shirt from bottom edge to underarm and cut at same measurement all the way around . Sew trim to bottom at hemline stitching with zig-zag stitch.

Step 4: Sew T-shirt Bottom to Bodice:

Sew bottom of T-Shirt to finished bodice, placing a pleat in front and gather in back to allow for any excess in T-Shirt bottom.



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    Great transformation!