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Introduction: Prevent Bent Curtain Rods

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Bent Curtain Rods do not keep the curtain up over the window; they do, however, keep falling down - curtain and all.  Fallen curtains do not keep the cold and the sun out, or maintain some privacy.  The intent of this instructable is prevent curtain rods from being bent beyond use.  The audience is parents or adults who watch children and have spring loaded curtain rods.

The Story
We have some heavy (1.26 lbs) curtains that help keep the cold out during the winter and block the sun during the summer.  These curtains, also, keep the kids entertained, by hiding behind them and peering around them to see the snow or who pulled into the driveway.  So the curtains would often fall down.  To which we would put them back up and remind the kids to stay out from behind the curtains.  They did for awhile, but it did not stop them.  So the next step was to tie the curtains up in a knot during the day and remind the kids to leave the curtains alone.  They did for awhile, but the kids thought it was fun to jump up and grab the knot.  The next step was to extend the curtain rods where there was more tension against the frame and remind the kids to stay out from behind the curtains and to leave them alone.  They did for awhile, but the curtain rods became bent because the kids still played around the curtains and inadvertently pulled the curtains harder because the curtains didn't fall as quickly.  One curtain rod became so bent it would even hold the curtain up.  More drastic measures were required.  But what?  Here is my solution on how to Prevent Bent Curtain Rods from occurring.

The intent of this instructable is to
1)  Prevent curtain rods from being bent beyond use for anyone who watches children or have cats that climb curtains and have spring loaded (tension) curtain rods.
2)  Provide a cost effective alternative to constantly replacing tension curtain rods.
3)  Encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.

1) Inexpensive fix,
2) Quick fix,
3) Durable and
4) Not easy to detect.

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Step 1: Materials

1)  New Curtain Rod and
2)  Packing Tape Reinforced with String

Tool: (Optional)
Utility Knife or Scissors

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
3 – 5 minutes

Step 2: Procedure

1) Take the rubber stopper off the end of the Curtain rod,
2) Start the Tape near the end of the Curtain rod and overlap the tape as you wrap,
3) Keep wrapping until you come to the end with the ring,
4) Cut the Tape off the roll and smooth it out,
5) Put the curtain on the Curtain rod and
6) Hang up the curtain and Curtain Rod.

Step 3: Observations & Summary

The benefits of this design are:
1) Inexpensive fix,
2) It is a Quick fix,
3) Durable and
4) Not easy to detect.

The requirements of this instructable were met.  As of the publishing of this instructable the curtain rods have been in place now for over a year.  Occasionally the curtains are found on the floor but we pick them up brush them off and put them back up again.  I am satisfied with the results. 

Step 4: Addendum

During the evaluation period the kids still played around the curtains.  The main outer rod held up under the duress.  But not so for the small inner rod.  I fixed the inner rod by removing the bends as best I could and then taping the bent rod.  I also taped the curtain rod that did not become bent as a preemptive act to it becoming bent.

1) This tells me that the weakest part of the rod is the whole design. 
2)  If you have a light weight curtain and do not have people pulling on them to open, close or to see around.  Then this type of curtain rod is right for the job. 
3)  If you have tension curtain rods then use this technique so they will last longer.

Should I have taped the whole rod at the beginning????  Yes, I should have.  This is where you benefit from my experience.  The requirements were met, overall, I am still satisfied with the results.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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    4 Discussions


    10 months ago

    You can buy half circle shower rod supports for less than $5 and use an appropriate size wood dowel for the rod (largest size that the curtains will slide on). But i like your idea of enforcing the rod with the stringy tape, also.


    Reply 10 months ago

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting.


    4 years ago

    Is it a big enough rod to insert a smaller wooden dowel? I've done this to strengthen rods that are on a sliding door, so cannot have a center support......


    Reply 4 years ago

    Welcome to instructables!

    That is a good idea for a hollow rod, unfortunately there is a spring inside to keep pressure on the inner rod so that it can span the window frame and hold a curtain. Thank you for reviewing and commenting.