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We love our dogs, they're great! When we adopted our first dog from the shelter, she had been returned there by her first owners because she was a digger. She's an amazing dog and I'm so glad we were able to adopt her. After bringing her home, sure enough she started digging up our backyard. Then she started digging into our neighbors yard to play with their dog. After we adopted our second dog, our first dog would dig out, and our second dog would lead the way running all over town. We love our dogs and didn't want them to get lost or hurt, so we found an easy fix by using wire fencing to prevent them from digging out. If you have a dog digging out here's what you can do to prevent that and keep your dog safe:

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Needed supplies:
-Wire fencing or Chicken wire
-Landscape pins or staples
-Wire cutters
-Work gloves

The amount of wire fencing you need depends on the size of space you want covered. We measured along our fence and bought enough wire to go along all of our fence in our backyard.

Step 2: Cut Wire Fencing

Using the wire cutters, cut the wire fencing to the correct lengths to fit along each section of your fence.

Step 3: Placing Wire

-Dig down a few inches of dirt all along the fence.
-Lay the wire fencing in the area you've dug out on the ground with one edge touching the fence.
-Push/pound landscaping pins/staples through the wire fencing into the ground every couple of feet along the edges to hold the wire in place.
-Cover the wire fencing with the dirt you had dug out, and pack it down.

Step 4: Enjoying

You're done! Enjoy not having to worry about your dogs getting out.
It's been 6 years since we put in our wire barrier, and our dogs have stayed safe and happy in our backyard.

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    3 years ago

    This is a great idea, I'm happy to see someone taking good care of their pets.

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