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Introduction: Prevent Pants From Sliding Off Hanger

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Here's a quick, easy, and essentially free fix for hangers that let your pants slide off...
This is a common problem with the pants hangers you get from the dry cleaners.

Normally when I have this problem, I just remove the cardboard and harvest the wire for alternative future use.
But, sometimes I really wish the hanger would work!

Here's how.

Step 1: Cut Notches in Cardboard.

First step to fixing the hanger is to cut some notches in the cardboard.  One slit about 3/4" long at each end. 

Step 2: Get a Rubber Band or Something Like It...

Now you need a rubber band.  I could not find any around the house - but I did find some left over rubber from some sort of freebie exercise fitness kit.  I just cut a long slender piece off and it worked great.  If your rubber band is not long enough - try tying two together. 

Step 3: Tie Knots in Each End of the Rubber Band.

You can see the rubber band with knots tied on each end. 

Step 4: Mount Rubber Band.

Now insert one of the knotted ends of the rubber band into one of the slots of the cardboard.

Step 5: Twist the Rubber Band Around the Cardboard.

Now twist the rubber band around the cardboard sort of like a candy cane.  Finally, place the remaining end of the rubber band into the remaining slot.

Step 6: Hang Your Pants.

Now the pants stay on the hanger. 
I thought of this while I was doing the laundry today.

Note:  If you have some particularly delicate fabrics, you might not want to use this.
But for my suits, jeans, and khakis - this is an easy winner!

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    judy renee
    judy renee

    2 years ago

    so clever of you...... Thanks for sharing. I spend so much time picking my ironed slacks off the floor because they slip off !!!! You are genius....