Preview: MIA K'nex Sniper Rifle




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Hey guys,
this is a preview on a gun that i've been working on.
alright let's go to the pics!

alright so what i basicly want with this is, that i get some positive critique^^
tell me what i should edit, what i should add/remove you know.



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    i didnt understand what you ment at first,
    but MIA means
    Me Is Assisin
    MIAS= Me Is Assisins Sniper Rifle
    it might be a littlebit confusing ^^

    Okay, sorry, I didn't know what you meant by MIA. It's just the usual abbreviation of MIA, means "missing in action." Which the term MIA is used in war when a soldier is lost but don't know if he or she is dead. People classify him or her as MIA until found alive or dead. If found dead, that soldier is KIA, or "killed in action."


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The Missing in action knex sniper? WTH? It looks alright, but you might want to add a better handle and make it more powerful.

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    1 Look the attached picture
    2 In fact you have no idea how powerfull it is, since you dont have the gun.


    I can tell with looking at it. Just a connector body with no pin guide won't get much power. A design like the TRs and the NAR and the SR-V2 will get power. And if it is mag fed, then it is even less powerful, because the rounds push on each other and make lots of friction. I'm guessing this won't get more than 40 ft flat, 55 ft angled. Just my 2 cents.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    If there was one thing you could add it would be a pin guide if you didn't butcher the looks.