Prince Fudge Cutter




It's fun and easy to do if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Create the Cutter

This is a file of what it should look like on Autodesk Inventor Professional. Recreate this.

Step 2: Print the Design

Use a 3D printer to print the design you made into a real life cookie cutter.

Step 3: Make the Fudge

Start to make the fudge using this recipe, except with white chocolate.

Step 4: Start

These are all the ingredients you need. Follow the recipe closely and let sit in a fridge overnight or 2 hours. I found it works better to leave it in the fridge longer.

Step 5: Press Cutter Into the Fudge

This is a picture of the fudge flipped over. I flipped it over to get a smoother canvas, but it is just a personal preference. Press the cutter firmly into the fudge so you can see it when you take it out.

Step 6: Start Coloring It

Use your purple icing to decorate the top of the design making look like you free-handed it. Then pop it back into the fridge to set in place.

Step 7: Voila!

Cut it out and add sprinkles if you want, but this should be your final product. WARNING: The end result is very sugary, so stay away from it if you can't eat sugary foods.



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    2 years ago

    Great job Jenny! The 3D printed cookie cutter design looks perfect!