Prince Sparkleball




What better way to salute The Artist known as Prince than with a glittery, purpley sparkleball? It's hard to find really purple mini-lights, so a little purple paint will help!

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Step 1: To Make It Purple. . .

You'll follow the Instructable for Easy-Stapler-Sparkleball.

BUT add these extras to your shopping list:

  • purple spray paint (for use on plastic)
  • spray-on glitter
  • 100 purple lights. OR 100 clear lights. OR 50 red and 50 blue lights to mix.

Step 2: Build and Paint Sparkleball Sides

Follow Easy-Staple-Sparkleball INSTRUCTABLE up to Step 4.

  • With purple paint, spray the inside center of both sparkleball sides.
  • Cover the cup bottoms well. I use 2 coats.
  • Some paint will spatter up cup sides.
  • Leave some clear plastic for sparkle.
  • Let dry.

Step 3: Add Glitter

When insides are dry to touch, flip sides over. With aerosol glitter, spray into the cups and on the rims of the outside of the sparkleball. Spray glitter can be tempermental. Shake it well and often. Lightly with several coats works best.

Step 4: Add Lights

When sparkleball is dry to touch, an hour or so, add lights. Go back to Easy-Stapler-Sparkleball INSTRUCTABLE Step 5. If adding 100 of the same color, add lights as usual.

If using red and blue lights, add one red light to every cup. Plug blue lights into 2nd plug on the red strand, and go back and add a blue light to every cup.

Step 5: Join Sides and You're Done!

  • Join the two sides as in Easy-Stapler-Sparkleball Step 8.
  • Add a hanger as in Step 9.
  • You may want to add a few more puffs of purple paint to the outside. Just because. Or a bit more glitter. Go for it.

For more sparkleball ideas and photos see, as well as Sparkleball Lady on Instagram and Pinterest, and Sparkleball World on Facebook.

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    3 years ago

    I saw this "sparkle ball" made on Robeson Design! Love it...always wanted to make one :)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Get your supplies together, Meglymoo87, and it's easy. Step-by-step Instructable here: Good luck!