Princess Dress

This intricate princess dress was a gift made for my 3 year old niece because she LOVES to play princess!  

When she saw the dress her eyes lit up and once she put the dress on she screamed "I look like Cinderella!"  What little girl didn't dream she was Cinderella?  I know I did!  Her favorite color is blue which I why I choose the blue and complimentary whites.  Along with the dress I was able to find matching "glass" slippers for her, a matching tiara and the gloves completed the princess look.  

As you can see the dress brought her much joy.  It's the perfect dress for her to pretend she's a princess!  She decided to keep on for the rest of the day too!

Sewing this dress was definitely not a beginners project, but can be done with a bit of time and patience.  The perfect pattern that worked was Vogue V7819.  You can be creative and source different colors versus plain white.

And I should mention I did another dress for my other niece in pink and purple.  She loved the dress just as much!




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    She sure does look like a princess! Tell her that Amara's gramma said, "you're just beautiful, your Highness"!