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Introduction: Princess Pillow Cake With Edible Tiara

About: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.

Here is an adorable princess pillow cake with an edible royal icing tiara that any birthday girl would cherish.

I have made this cake for my niece and everyone loves it, so i thought i would share it here with you.
In terms of difficulty ,as long as you are familiar with fondant and royal icing, this shouldn't  be too big of a challenge.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

9 inch square pan
empty cereal box to make cardboard template
wax paper
cake recipe
icing -for crumb coat
royal icing
dragees -to glam up your tiara (optional)
card board cake circle 
serrated knife
clay extruder
meringue powder as per your royal icing recipe
powdered sugar
luster dust (optional)

Step 2: Make Tiara

Make tiara at least 1 day  ahead of time.*very fragile, you will probably want to make one or two extras. Make royal icing recipe. Tape tiara template to a curved jar or can. Tape a piece of wax  paper over it so that you can pipe on to it. Use a 2 or 3 round tip and trace the template.*make sure you  don’t have too much empty  space on the tiara or it will fall apart. At this point you can add  edible drageesor these little fake diamonds that I found at my local craft store.(just make sure that no one eats the tiara if you use the craft store diamonds) Let dry overnight. Next day peel the wax paper from the tiara very carefully. Store in a dry safe container until ready to use.

This is a tiara that you can print.Make sure you tape wax paper over it so you can reuse it and to ensure it comes off clean when dry.

Step 3: Bake the Cake

Bake cake in a  9 in square pan. Chill for hours or freeze for at least one hour. Place template over the cake and use a serrated knife to saw /trace the outline of pillow template. Also cut into the bottom a little to give it some more dimension.You can also add a little bit of cake crumbs on top to give it a puffy pillow look. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect. Chill again for about 30 min .and then carefully cover cake with a thin layer of icing.(crumb coat)

Step 4: Cover and Emboss the Cake

Roll out fondant in the color of your choice(I airbrushed mine at the end) Cover cake with fondant. Immediately  use a back of a paintbrush or a gumpaste tool or this handy wheel from Wilton and draw a quilted pattern on the fondant. You may also want to put little marks on the corner of each  diamond .

Step 5: Making Tassels

Either use a thin rolled up snake for a border on the pillow or you can just pipe a line with a round tip using royal icing. Make 4 equal round balls of fondant, flatten it and I used a small flower cutter to indent the circle.To  make tassel strings,you can use a spaghetti cutter if you have one or a clay extruder or even just cut the fondant into strips. Then attach to the pillow using a little bit of water on a food safe paint brush. Right away attach the round piece over it to cover the top edges of the strings.

Step 6: Airbrush or Dust With Luster Dust

You can now airbrush or dust it will luster dust to give it a sparkling shine. You can find luster dust at your local cake cake decorating store. You can also dust the tiara.Set the tiara on top when you get to your party destination. You can "glue" the tiara on with royal icing or piping gel,but i find that the delicate tiara looks better just gently set on top.

Step 7: YAY!!!! You Are Done!!!!

This can be put on a  pedestal  and enjoyed or you can put it on top of any other cake like  a sheet cake from Costco to help feed a bigger party or even on the top of a tiered  cake. 

*** On the blue cake i used a chocolate mold to make a "Cinderella"  slipper out of white chocolate and sanding sugar.

                                            ***THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT MY INSTRUCTABLE***

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    That is simply beautiful! I can't imagine there is a girl out there who wouldn't want this cake! Such wonderful detail :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    that's my cousin!!!!!! she's the one who encouraged me to make cake stuff!! i'm so glad you joined instructables, Lynne!! you're going to love it here, and you're going to school us! ;)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    oh kristy, you are too
    I only encouraged you because I knew you would have fun and be great at it.But now i am regretting that because you are too much


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It was...yellow cake with vanilla frosting...mmmmmmm !!!