Princess Sparkelina Mermaid



Introduction: Princess Sparkelina Mermaid

A cute & easy project featuring your own special little girl

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Step 1: Princess Sparkelina Mermaid

I created this special mermaid from a "cutout" I bought at Michaels. It is 9" tall and made of pressed board or something like that...not wood. I used a picture of my granddaughter, Princess Sparkelina as I call her, as the face of the mermaid. I painted the top 1/2 beige, the bottom 1/2 turquoise, and glued sea glass I found on nearby beaches on the tail. The hair is made from embroidery string I had laying around. It was quite simple and came out really cute.

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    4 years ago

    Really cool! How did you glue it together?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I glued the sea glass to the tail with Aileen's glue & a hot glue gun to attach the hair