Princess Zelda

This is a Princess Zelda costume I made.
    The dress is made using the matte side of a satin fabric. I did not use a pattern, but built it to fit my daughters measurements. The dress has very thin straps and is low cut so that the top does not show under the vest. The design on the bottom of the dress was draw using a stencil that I made so that the design would be uniform the whole way around.
     The vest is a plum special occasion fabric. I made it using the dress form pictured to help achieve the desired look. All the edges were hand finished . It is lined with a matching liner so that the edges are all smooth .  The runes were drawn on with a silver marker and painted over with a silver paint.
    The armor was the most difficult part to make. I made up a set of shoulder armor in heavy paper to use as a pattern. I made this armor with thermal plastic sheets. I had to order this online.
     The thermal plastic is easy to cut with scissors. I used a blow dryer to heat the thermal plastic sheets to bend them into shape. Heating the plastic makes it malleable  and it sticks to itself when hot. Once it cools it maintains its shape and is semi rigid.
The pieces were painted with acrylic paints.
      The crown, necklace and waist jewelry were made in the same fashion. I ordered real Australian crystal pendants from Australia  for the necklace and waist jewelry. The pendants are attached with wire.
      The flap  over the dress is canvas with hand drawn and painted designs.

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    does the pdf file have all the templates I will need or is it just a downloadable version of the images shown and the information given?


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    Nice job.!!.very nice

    check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)

    That is gorgeous! I just love that vest. I would love to see a photo of the back of the dress if you have it!