Pringles Golf Revamped

Having read the previous pringles golf ideas. We decided to revamp the hole and put in some ideas of our own

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Step 1: Collect Your Materials

  • Pringles Can
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Scizzors
  • Clay
  • 3 Manilla folders
  • Staples

Step 2: Cut the Brim Off the Pringles Can

Step 3: Draw a 1 Inch Line Around the Bottom of the Can

use a tape measure or bendable ruler to draw a line one inch from the bottom of the can

Step 4: Draw Dots 1.3 Com From the Bottom and Top of the Can

draw your dots on the line one inch line from the bottom of the can.

Step 5: Connect the Dots

connect the dots to form straight lines which you will cut upon.

Step 6: Cut It Up!

cut along the lines making sure to stop at the 1 inch line.

Step 7: Fold It.

fold down the strips to form the support base for your hole.

Step 8: Time for the Skirt!

cut the top off of 3 manilla folders then cut each of the folders in half.

Step 9: Rearrange the Skirt.

place each manilla folder piece around the hole to allow a nice smooth gradient up to the hole.

Step 10: Staple the Skirt

Staple it to stay in position.

Step 11: Clay Time!

put a ring of clay around the base of the hole. This gives it mass so it wont move every time you hit it.

Step 12: Fasten the Skirt to the Hole

You can use extra clay, staples, or whatever else you want to fasten the skirt securely on the hole.

Step 13: Enjoy It

Go play golf! Have fun!

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