Print Your Own Girlfriend.

Hello... my friend asked me one day what I wanted him to 3d print for me, I said a girlfriend. And now, you can too!

Step 1: Create Your Girlfriend

Maybe you want her to be bold, or have italics, what ever floats your boat. You can do this using the cad cam software of your choice, create two sketches. One with your custom girlfriend text and one with a box and radii surrounding it like in the picture to the same dimensions. Then extrude the sketches one at a time to any thickness you desire, no pun intended. Or you can just download my girlfriend I submitted as a .stl file and print her off right now in your own home or office.

Step 2: Congradulations

Now you can say you have a girlfriend without lying, and take her with you any where in a convenient key chain form.



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