Print and Seek

Intro: Print and Seek

As a teen i would love to take "goodies" such as money or other stuff and hide them. Not because i was planning something dastardly, just because i felt cool. This is simple and really only works if you have a printer that's yours and no one else uses.

Things you need:
-Masking tape (or any tape but masking works the best)
-A printer

Step 1: Step One:

Apply the tape to the top of your folded goodies, I used a five dollar bill

...Because that's worth hiding...

Then tape that to the inside of the tab that covers the ink cartridges

Step 2: Step 2: (not Even Really a Step)

Close up the door.
Leave it until you need whatever you put in there
Or if you forget and have to change the Ink cartridges!



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    4 years ago

    Exactly what I was going to say.